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RAF Hinaidi 1922-1938

Royal Air Force Station Hinaidi was established as the main airfield in the Kingdom of Iraq when the RAF took command of it in 1922. Up to that point it had been under the command of the British Army since World War I. It remained in use until 1938 when operations were transferred to RAF Dhibban, which was renamed RAF Habbaniya in 1938. Leslie Rogers’ logbook contains many entries of return flights from Hinaidi To Dhibban.

RAF Hinaidi contained Air Headquarters (AHQ), aeroplane squadron hangars, communication facilities, maintenance units, RAF Armoured Car Company lines, extensive barracks, recreational facilities, a large hospital, and a civil cantonment.

In the now derelect RAF Cemetery in Hinaidi (the Peace Cemetery) are the graves of many British service personnel. The register of those buried therein is preserved by the RAF Habbaniya Association.

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